Revenue Cycle Management

Physicians concerned about their expenses or looking to compare the overall cost to bill internally vs. outsourcing would be surprised to find that their costs are higher than assumed.

In addition to the significant savings from outsourcing this important business need, you will not have to worry about ongoing training cost, vacations, paid-time off, annual pay increases, benefits, payroll taxes, insurances, software costs, certain lease payments and staff turnover.

Professional revenue cycle management that ensures timely and accurate payment is vital to the financial health of the practice. The revenue must be there, regularly and dependably, in order to accomplish day-to-day operations. With regularly scheduled meetings and reporting, we keep physicians informed of A/R status and regulatory changes that can impact their practice.

Our team understands that the key to revenue cycle management is processing claims correctly on the front end in order to minimize denials and maximize cash flow. Experienced, professional medical billers can ensure that your claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner. We have the automated tools to ensure comprehensive charge capture and identify areas of systemic problems.

  • CMBS has developed an effective compliance program, performs an annual HIPAA security risk analysis, and continuously monitors our systems and employees for compliance to HIPAA and Security policies.
  • CMBS medical coders are certified, have extensive continuing education yearly, and are up to speed with the latest regulations. They also provide feedback to assist in maximizing reimbursements on future claims.
  • CMBS also has MACRA and MIPS experts who have reported to the quality programs for over 10 years. We have the robust systems to track and report every measure, ensuring the most positive outcome for our clients.

We make it easy!

We can work with your vendor to seamlessly integrate your EMR with our billing platform. CMBS interfaces with many EMR and practice management systems.